(WFLA) — A recovering Texas state trooper was unable to take his two daughters to their Daddy-Daughter dance after he was struck by a car in February, but that wouldn’t stop his colleagues from stepping in on his behalf.

According to the American Association of State Troopers, DPS trooper Curtis Putz was investigating a crash in Navarro County, Texas during a Winter storm in February when he was struck by another vehicle.

Putz broke his hip, pelvis, femur, ribs, forearm, and shoulder, according to his wife. He also had a lacerated liver, lacerated arteries, and road rash.

“While Putz is on the long road to recovery, several DPS troopers went the extra mile to share a special moment with his family,” the association said.

Five DPS troopers rolled up in freshly washed patrol cars, flowers in hand, to escort Putz’s two fifth-grade daughters to their final Daddy-Daughter dance.

Putz’s wife, Tosha, told KDFI her husband was proud and thankful for his brothers in blue.

“I know it’s cliché, but they have restored my faith in humanity,” Tosha said.

Putz asked everyone to slow down and move over if you see an emergency vehicle on the side of the road.