HOUSTON (WGHP) — A Houston teen has made a miraculous recovery after being pronounced dead by emergency services after a crash.

Torianto “Junior’ Brinson was thrown from the vehicle during the violent crash that left the vehicle totaled.

Junior’s mother La’Kisha recalls how her son was lying on the ground not breathing and unable to move. Junior was airlifted to Texas Medical Center as his condition grew worse.

La’Kisha remembers how doctors told the family that Junior was gone and there was not anything they could do to help him.

That’s when she decided to pray. La’Kisha grabbed her son’s hand and pleaded with him to come back to her.

A moment later, Junior’s hand moved. That movement was enough for him to be taken in for emergency surgery for his traumatic brain injury.

After spending a number of months in a coma, Junior finally recovered enough to be transferred to another facility and begin the rehabilitation process.

It was a slow and arduous process, as was to be expected. Junior initially required assistance just to get out of bed, he also struggled with controlling impulses. The nature of his injuries was so severe that doctors had to monitor the amount of stimulation he received.

As the weeks went by, Junior continued to progress through the rehab, eventually being able to play basketball again.

Junior is now a member of the varsity team at his high school and has dreams of one day playing for his hometown Houston Rockets.

Junior does not remember much of anything that he went through during this traumatic time, even the rehab. He is in awe of his story every time he hears his mother discuss it.

Thanks to his difficult course load before his injuries, Junior is still on track to graduate high school on time despite missing over a year of school.

La’Kisha says that her son was always a great kid and knew that his story was not meant to be over, regardless of how grim it may have once appeared.