MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — A Mobile County teenager who’s been in medical care for the last two years has passed away.

Kaylee Carmichael was seriously hurt in a car crash in the summer of 2020 and passed away Tuesday, Aug. 23. Her mother held out hope that her daughter could continue to improve. Her mother said Kaylee Carmichael passed away after a bout with COVID.

“It was definitely a shock because I thought we were doing so good,” said mother Brittany Carmichael. Her mother had been documenting Kaylee’s small victories and setbacks on their “Team Kaylee” Facebook page.

Kaylee suffered a TBI or traumatic brain injury. She went from the hospital to home care and showed signs she would respond to family voices and the TV.

“You can’t always keep your child safe but a TBI can happen to anybody at any time, and there’s not a lot of information on it because the brain is so unpredictable to begin with,” said Brittany Carmichael. The last two years have not been easy for this family but Kaylee’s mother says it was important to keep her daughter alive to give her daughter a chance.

“We wanted to give her a fighting chance because that’s what I would want and I would hope someone would want for me,” Brittany Carmichael said.

They hope Kaylee’s story can teach others about the challenges of TBI and critical injuries.

“Life is precious and there’s someone that cares for each and every one of you and every moment you spend with your child or loved one is something you want,” Carmichael said.

The funeral is this coming Tuesday, an obituary link for funeral arrangements is here. Monday, Aug. 29 would have marked two years since the crash that changed everything for this family.