SMITHS STATION, Ala. (WRBL) — A Smiths Station family has quite the story to tell as they welcomed their baby girl. 

At 39 weeks and three days, Baby Evie, made plans to enter the world, plans a little different from what mom and dad anticipated.

Weighting at seven pounds and seven ounces, Baby Evie Eiland made quite the entrance on Dec. 7.

“I was scared at first, and then it went to extreme happiness and joy that she was okay, and mom was okay,” said Evie’s Dad, Dewayne Eiland.

“The longer it goes on, I start to think that it’s normal because she’s healthy, and people are like that’s not normal,” Evie’s mom, Emily Eiland, said.

Dewayne put fear in the passenger seat and say natural instincts just kicked in when it came to taking care of his family. It was less than an hour from the time that Emily woke up from her water breaking to the moment they met their baby girl.

With the shock, some moments are a blur from the not so traditional birth.

“I was like, ‘oh my goodness, I have my wife’s and my daughters lives in my hands,'” Dewayne Eiland said.

Around 4 a.m., with just the light from the car’s floorboard, Dewayne and Emily Eiland welcomed their daughter — on their driveway.

“I remember like her hanging on and I’m like you push and I’ll catch… ya know it was like a football wrapped in Vaseline, and I was like woah,” he said.

Being a registered nurse, Emily said once she heard her baby girl, cry there was some relief.

“He did amazing,” she said.

“All of us bawling in the driveway, all three of us.” Dawayne said, remembering the moments after he delivered his own daughter.

Shortly after, EMS arrived all three were taken to Piedmont where mom and baby were healthy. 

Evie was welcomed home by her four siblings in the same place she made her grand entrance into the world.