NEW YORK (PIX11) — New Yorkers have long been told that if they see something, they should say something; now Mayor Eric Adams has an addition to that.

The NYPD rolled out increased numbers of officers into subway stations around the city, but some officers can be spotted standing around on their phones. Adams wants commuters to take pictures and send them to him.

“We are going to start taking very aggressive actions to make sure police are patrolling our subway system and and not patrolling their iPhones,” Adams said. “You are going to see a visual difference in policing in the next couple of weeks.”

Adams, a former transit officer himself, said he used to patrol by himself on subways. Now he said it’s not uncommon to see a group of transit officers hanging out by the booth.

“I am disappointed in the deployment of transit police personnel,” he said.

Adams often checks out the subway system overnight. He said some officers tell him they’re frustrated when they see other officers not doing their jobs.

“You see that, send me a photo and I will be at that station,” he said.

People taking pictures probably shouldn’t get too close though. Back in March Adams warned New Yorkers to move back if they’re recording police.

“Stop being on top of my police officers while they carry on their jobs; not acceptable and won’t be tolerated,” Adams said. “If your iPhone can’t catch that picture at a safe distance then you need to upgrade your iPhone.”