JACKSBORO, Texas (KFDX/KJTL) — Two weeks ago, an EF-3 tornado touched down in Jacksboro, Texas. It stayed on the ground for 45 minutes, at times reaching a half-mile wide, and damaged an elementary and high school.

The damage to the two schools was so extensive, that local school district officials canceled classes for an entire week.

Students returned to class on Tuesday, March 29, even though repairs to both campuses remain in progress in some sections of the schools.

On Monday, Jacksboro ISD officials released surveillance footage from inside the schools that captured the moment the tornado slammed into the buildings, providing an incredible new look at the power the tornado had.

Footage from four different cameras was sent to the KFDX/KJTL newsroom, each angle shedding new light on the impact the tornado had on the schools.

One angle showed the moment Jacksboro Elementary was damaged, capped off by a close encounter with a falling part of the ceiling and the principal Michael Qualls.

Another angle showed the destruction at the Jacksboro Elementary gym, depicting for several moments a swirling, tornadic cloud of debris and insulation.

The third set of images, taken from Jacksboro High School, shows an entire wall of the gym collapsing and powerful winds continuing to damage the interior of the school.

A final look from the Jacksboro High School football field shows just how powerful the winds were and how heavy the rain was, scattering equipment and making the uprights bend and sway violently.

As the city continues to recover from the damage caused by this storm, these new perspectives help paint a clearer picture of just how devastating a tornado can be. The new footage also serves as a powerful reminder of how miraculous it is that no lives were lost and that no one was seriously injured.