(WFLA) — A retired firefighter from Maryland had to skip his appointment with his cardiologist after he found out he won $2 million from his state lottery.

The 62-year-old man from Crownsville, Maryland, had bought a winning ticket from Royal Farms #098 located at 8200 Veterans Highway in Millersville, according to a post by the Maryland Lottery on Feb. 21.

As it turns out, the random scratch-off ticket turned out to be worth $2 million, which had the retiree’s heart racing so much that he had to cancel his stress test because his heart was racing too much.

“A new appointment was made, although there likely won’t be much to stress about now that he’s a millionaire,” the Lottery said.

The lottery winner said he planned to use the money to pay off bills, invest, take care of his grandkids, and maybe even take a trip with his wife.

The store that sold the ticket also got a $2,000 bonus for selling it.=