TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A diver in Australia photographed a rare, pink manta ray at a popular diving spot on Lady Elliot Island in Queensland.

Ben Canty, a member of the Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort Dive Team, took the image showing the ray’s pink underbelly in a photo provided by Storyful.

Research from Project Manta focuses said this particular manta ray is nicknamed “Inspector Clouseau.” The shade of pink is due to a genetic mutation.

“Inspector Clouseau is the world’s only known chevron manta ray that has a black back and a bright pink belly. The individual appears healthy with no unusual or uncharacteristic behaviours, and given the persistence of the pigment over time, we have also ruled out infection,” Project Manta researcher Amelia Armstrong said, according to Storyful.

Project Manta is hoping to further investigate the ray to confirm, but said, “our current understanding is that this colouration is a result of a different expression in the melanin.”

Clouseau was first spotted on the southern Great Barrier Reef in 2015. The animal hasn’t been spotted in the area since 2019, according to reports.