HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (KARK) – Parents in Hot Springs, Arkansas, said they found what appears to be the profile of a woman arrested in connection to a 17-year-old’s abduction on a popular nannying site.

Dayla Ferrer, 19, was one of two arrested in connection to the abduction that happened in Hot Springs on Monday. The abduction triggered an AMBER Alert Tuesday.

“How can a person that was involved in something like this just be posting on a nannying site, getting access to these kids so easily?” said parent Jordan Teague.

Teague said she was shocked when she saw a screenshot of the profile on Facebook and now she said moms are second-guessing everything.

“Sometimes you need that last-minute babysitter, and it’s so easy to go on these sites and find them and bring them in,” said Teague.

The profile lists Ferrer’s name and her qualifications: which include two years of experience and a note reading, “I love kids and kids love me.”

Teague said the profile raises concerns.

“How can this be regulated? Is there something these sites can do to make sure these people aren’t posting on here?” said Teague.

Teague says for now she’ll only be leaving her kids with someone she knows and trusts.

“You just never truly know people and their intentions, and your kids are too precious to play around with,” said Teague.

She acknowledges not everyone can stay home with their kids or have family watch them but is advising people to make sure they trust their babysitter before hiring them.

Teague says she’s thankful the abducted teen was found – but now her concern is Ferrer’s nannying profile.

KARK reached out to the nanny site for additional information about background checks or qualifications needed for its users but have not heard back.