Pampers new device sends you a notification when your kid has a dirty diaper


(WNCN) – From CES 2020: Lumi by Pampers is a smart sensor that attaches to your infant’s diaper and sends you a notification when they go to the bathroom. It also tracks metrics like sleep and more!

It’s come to this: There’s about to be an app for your baby’s diaper.

Pampers this week announced a line of smart diapers that it says will track a child’s urine — but not bowel movements — as well as sleep. Last year, rival Huggies debuted a similar concept in Korea, allowing parents to receive text alerts when a child has pooped.

The Lumi by Pampers line, which Pampers says has a waitlist ahead of its US launch this fall, includes an activity sensor that secures to a “landing” on the front of a baby’s diaper.

It comes with a baby monitor and a 10-day supply of diapers.

The sensor works with a corresponding app to log the kid’s pee and identify patterns. Additional packs of Lumi by Pamper diapers will be sold separately. Pricing has not been finalized.

The Lumi by Pampers line

The concept is part of the so-called Internet-of-Things movement, which allows consumers to track everything from who’s ringing their doorbell to what’s in their refrigerator and how well they’re brushing your teeth.

The baby industry has recently been flooded with connected products, including connected onesies that double as sleep trackers and a robotic crib that’s supposed to help rock a baby to sleep.

Many pediatricians tell parents to keep track of how often they’re going to the bathroom, especially in those first few months after birth.

But parents don’t, strictly speaking, need an app to tell them when their baby has peed thanks to obvious ways to check — the baby’s cries, of course, and one can simply feel to see how wet the diaper is.

And some diapers also offer lower-tech solutions: Pampers’ existing “Swaddler” line of diapers, for instance, feature a blue line that appears on the diaper when it’s wet.

Parents using the Lumi diapers will in theory not have to worry about checking any of that because they’ll get smartphone alerts.

The app will display one of three diaper statuses: dry, wet, very wet.”

Parents didn’t ask for a poo or pee alarm; they wanted something more like the smartwatches of today,” a Pampers spokesperson told CNN Business.

“The activity sensor tracks baby’s sleep and since it’s there on the diaper, it can also track … if a diaper is wet.”

Like other connected products, smart diapers could have issues with security and privacy.

Baby monitors can be susceptible to hackers, and any app that holds personal information could potentially expose that information either to hackers or to the app’s maker or its partners.

A Pampers spokesperson said the account information will include a baby’s name, sex, date of birth and a 24-hour archive of video from the monitor, plus a profile photo if the parents choose to use one.

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