(WFLA) — Police in Enid, Oklahoma ran toward what sounded like distressed cries for help Monday, only to find a goat with a baaad temper.

Body camera video shared by the Enid Police Department shows Officer David Sneed and Officer Neal Storey running toward what first appeared to be faint sounds of someone yelling “Help.”

“I think it’s a person,” one of the officers says after hearing the cries. “That’s a person.”

Upon closer inspection, they realize it’s just a very loud goat.

“Running toward the sound, the two soon discovered their damsel in distress was a very upset goat, who the farmer explained, had been separated from one of his friends,” police said in a statement.

“Thank you, gentlemen,” the department said in a Facebook post. “Your swift actions (although in the end not necessary) are appreciated by us all.”