GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A man accused of shooting and killing a mother hours into the new year was struck by a car moments later, according to authorities in North Carolina.

Officers with the Greensboro Police Department responded to a gas station around 1:42 a.m. on Jan. 1 for a report of gunshots. At the scene, police found 32-year-old Natasha Walker with a gunshot wound.

She later died due to her injuries.

Authorities said the suspect, 48-year-old Vashon Sigler, was walking away when he was struck by a vehicle shortly after the shooting. The driver was identified and is cooperating with an investigation.

Sigler was arrested for first-degree murder and other charges while receiving medical treatment.

Family members told Nexstar affiliate FOX8 that Natasha had recently married and was a mother of two. They said she died while trying to help someone else.

Family members also told the news outlet Natasha was a helper, adding that her mission in life was to lift up others, and that’s how they want everyone to remember her.

“She was always just such a great and bubbly personality ever since I first met her,” said Monte Burley, one of Natasha’s friends and co-workers.

They met in 2013 and bonded over their love of using dance to glorify God. Burley started working with Natasha last year.

“She was always the type of person ‘if I’m winning, I want you to win, too,’” Burley said.

It was evident in a post on Facebook from Natasha before the New Year, reflecting back on her struggles and sharing positive energy, saying 2023 would be her “million-dollar year.”

Natasha gained popularity in Greensboro through her financial services business with the hope of closing the wealth gap and creating generational wealth for more people.

Since Sunday morning, Facebook timelines have filled with stories about this special woman and the joy she added to the world.

Family members tell FOX8 Natasha believed when God calls you to anything, you should always listen.