(WFLA) — A mother and her two children were rescued from a swarm of angry bees in Buckeye, Arizona Sunday, but not without suffering injuries.

Authorities said the three were attacked by bees while taking family photos in Buckeye Valley.

“The mother’s quick thinking saved the children from being stung,” the Arizona Fire & Medical Authority (AFMA) said. “She put them in the car and subsequently took the brunt of the stings.”

The woman was rushed to an area hospital with over 75 stings, “but thankfully has recovered,” authorities added.

The crews reportedly used foam to “calm the bees” and rescue the children from the car.

Audio from a 911 call shows the grandmother of the two children reporting that her daughter was unable to get inside the vehicle with the children.

“If you are attacked by bees getting inside to a safe place is key. Run in a straight line, cover your face, and get to shelter. Never get into water and do not fight the bees,” the AFMA said.