GRAND HAVEN, Mich. (WFLA) — A Michigan couple was arrested Wednesday after they allegedly left their 4-month-old baby in a freezing car, according to police.

Grand Haven Department of Public Safety said on Jan. 29, Philip James Nass III, 32, and Crystal Maria Kanouse, 30, pulled over on a side street and passed out.

According to police, the car was not on, and the baby was in the backseat, unsecured in his carrier and with no winter clothes or a blanket.

Officials said a bystander noticed the family in the vehicle and called 911. By the time first responders arrived, the baby’s feet were blue, and he had cold skin.

“We are grateful for the person that stopped and called 911,” Director of Public Safety Jeff Hawke said. “The baby very likely would have died had he remained in the car.”

The child managed to recover from the cold after being taken to Trinity Health Grand Haven, according to police.

Officials alleged that drugs may have contributed to the incident. Both parents were charged with child abuse second-degree as a result.