DETROIT (WFLA) — The bodies of three rappers who went missing before a Detroit performance in January were found in a basement, according to news reports.

Michigan State Police said Detriot officers found the remains of three men in the basement of an abandoned apartment building in Highland Park, Michigan, Thursday night.

The victims were identified as Armani Kelly, 27, of Oscoda; Montoya Givens, 31, of Detroit; and Dante Wicker, 31, of Melvindale. According to police, the victims were in bad enough condition that they could not be identified by sight alone at first.

NBC affiliate WDIV reported that the three men were rappers who were supposed to perform at Lounge 31 in Detriot, but the show was canceled due to an equipment problem. After that, the men were never heard from again.

At this time, police believe the men to have been killed, but they did not know the cause of death or motive. Those with information can call 800 SPEAK.UP or 855 MICH.TIP.