TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Police are thanking a truck driver for helping them find a missing girl who was allegedly abducted by her mother in Pennsylvania, WTVR reported.

Pennsylvania State Police issued an Amber Alert for 5-year-old Inez Foulk on Monday after the child was taken from a supermarket in Brodheadsville.

Police said the child’s grandmother went inside the store to grab a few items when her biological mother, Courtney Foulk, took her car and fled with the child.

Police said Foulk was only allowed to have supervised visits with the girl.

A truck driver from New York saw Inez on an Amber Alert sign when he was driving through Pennsylvania. He spotted the girl and the vehicle at a gas station in Virginia and notified authorities. Then police went to the gas station and took Foul into custody, Caroline County Lt. Travis Nutter told WTVR.

“The child informed us that they were on their way to Florida, and that they were gonna live there from now on,” Nutter said.

Nutter said Foulk likely ran out of money and was unable to travel any further.

“When deputies searched the car they were in, they were unable to locate any clothes for the child or the mother,” said Nutter. “There was no food, no money for the mother to be able to purchase food and that sort of thing.”

According to WBRE, Foul was taken to a correctional facility in Virginia, where she is being held until she is extradited to face charges in Pennsylvania.

The child is in the custody of Social Services in Virginia until she can be reunited with her grandmother, according to the reports.