(WFLA) – News Channel 8 Anchor Keith Cate spoke with Chuck Todd, the moderator of Meet The Press, to discuss the week in politics this weekend.

They talked about the future of the Republican party in the wake of two Republican Senators, Bob Corker of Tennessee and Jeff Flake of Arizona, who made headlines this week for publicly criticizing President Trump and whether other Republican Senators would follow their lead.

They also talked about the controversy surrounding United States Congresswoman Frederica Wilson and her back and forth with President Trump when it came to his phone call to the mother of one of four service members killed in a raid in Nigeria.  Wilson now says she is getting death threats.  Keith wanted to know what this could say to other members of Congress, whether they be Republican or Democrat, if they decide to challenge the president.

Finally, Keith and Chuck talked about the release of the 2,800 files of the JFK assassination record. They discussed what we’re learning about those files, which were released late Thursday and also question the reasoning behind the delay in releasing an additional 300 files for another six months. They talk about how not releasing all of the documents could reinforce the conspiracy theories.

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