YUMA, Az. (WFLA) – A Marine veteran took matters into his own hands when he disarmed a robber at a gas station in Arizona.

Surveillance video released by the Yuma County Sheriff’s Department shows the man standing inside a Chevron gas station near I-8 and Fortuna Road around 4:30 a.m in Yuma near the checkout counter when two masked robbers come through the entrance behind him.

Police say when deputies arrived they learned of three suspects entering the Chevron, one of them armed with a handgun. The armed suspect walked next to a store customer while pointing the weapon toward the cashier when the customer acted immediately and disarmed him.

The sheriff’s office said the veteran helped detain him until deputies arrived to the scene. Two other suspects got away and remain on the run.

The other two suspects, according to officials with YCSO, fled the area, and the Marine Corps veteran was able to detain the suspect until police arrived.

When deputies spoke with the customer, who previously served in the United States Marine Corps, and asked how he was able to take control of the situation.

“The Marine Corp taught me not to [mess] around,” he said.