MIDDLE RIVER, Maryland (WFLA) — A Maryland man who won big prizes from his state lottery twice said his hair is what led him to victory.

Last Thursday, the Maryland Lottery said William Daniels Jr., 31, of Middle River, Maryland, became a two-time big winner after claiming a $50,000 prize from a Gold X50 scratch-off ticket.

Daniels, an aircraft assembly worker, won his first prize of $100,000 in 2015 after getting a winning Ravens scratch-off ticket. He then used his winnings to buy himself a house.

“When you hit it, you are in disbelief,” Daniels said. “You want to make sure you are not looking at it wrong.”

After his first win, Daniels decided to cut his hair short and rocked the trimmed hairstyle for several years while still buying the occasional scratch-off.

But recently, he decided to grow his hair out again, which he said helped win him the $50,000 prize from a ticket he got at 7-Eleven #33266 at 8235 Perry Hall Boulevard in Nottingham, Maryland.

“I’m going to stick with long hair when I play scratch-offs,” he said.

He will now use the money to help pay for his wedding bills.