(WFLA) — Deputies in Minnesota’s Ramsey County say Yonas Abay knows his way around the Ramsey County jail.

“After all, he’s been a guest at the facility 34 times over the years,” the department cracked in a Facebook post. “Check that. Make it 35.”

On April 19, the 31-year-old Abay was arrested and booked into the county jail where he spent the evening “enjoying the accommodations.”

Early Tuesday, deputies said he posted a $5,000 bond “and wasted no time making arrangements to come right back.”

Less than two hours after leaving the facility, deputies said Abay stole a red Chevy pickup with a trailer attached to it and took off “like a maniac,” driving the wrong way against rush-hour traffic.

Deputies quickly staged a scene to lay down Stop Sticks.

“The sticks achieved their intended purpose,” the sheriff’s office said, “but Mr. Abay had no qualms about continuing his dangerous driving on deflated tires.”

On he went.

Deputies reported seeing Abay “barreling through a residential neighborhood” near 60 mph.

“That deputy threw another set of Stop Sticks, which once again hit the mark and deflated a tire. Yet he persisted—until he didn’t.”

Authorities said the suspect bailed on foot and tried to hide in a garage.

“It didn’t work.”

The sheriff’s office said, “our deputies quickly caught up with him and brought him back to the Ramsey County jail—for the 35th time.”

As for the stolen truck, deputies alluded the victim would not be driving it to work any time soon.

“At least he can rest easy tonight, knowing the suspect is behind bars. For now….”