PHOENIX, Ariz. (NBC/WFLA) — An Arizona man was arrested Monday after police said he was keeping a baby tiger, an alligator, and various animals in his home for sale.

NBC affiliate KPNX reported that Carlos Alcaraz, 25, of Phoenix was allegedly caught trafficking exotic animals after he advertised the baby tiger on social media, saying he’d sell it for $25,000.

Phoenix police said undercover officers pretended to be potential buyers to catch Alcaraz in the act.

“You could hear the tiger in the background moaning,” Sgt. Brian Bower said. “You could hear something wasn’t normal.”

According to police, Alcaraz said he bought the baby tiger a week before for $8,000 because the tiger wasn’t being taken care of by his owner, so he wanted to rescue it.

In addition to the tiger cub, officers found snapping turtles and an alligator in the home.

Alcaraz was taken into custody in possession of live wildlife & game and fish violations. The animals were turned over to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, according to KPNX.