SEGUIN, Texas (KXAN) — A man accused of lining his pockets with sleight of hand skills at a Texas Walmart has been linked to more quick-change schemes in several states, according to police.

The police department in Seguin, Texas (SPD), has dubbed the man a “magician” due to his execution of the act that’s been used to confuse cashiers for years. After reports of him stealing nearly $3,000 from the Walmart in Seguin, authorities from five other states have reported instances of the man taking his show on the road.

In an update on March 17 on Facebook, SPD said it has been contacted by law enforcement in Georgia, Tennessee, Rhode Island, South Carolina and Virginia about the man, saying they’ve had similar instances where a man has pocketed extra cash by hoodwinking workers into giving him more change than he deserved. Seguin police confirmed the law enforcement agencies believe he is the same person.

“It looks like our Walmart magician doesn’t keep his performance local,” SPD wrote in the update. “Thanks to everyone who shared our post, we are working with multiple agencies on making an identification.”

What the man does, SPD said, is pay for an inexpensive item with a large bill, and while the cashier is counting out the large amount going back, the thief swipes some of it and then tells the cashier they miscounted the money. The cashier then counts out more money, giving the thief extra cash.

In the latest update, he has also integrated wire transfers and returns into his bag of tricks, police said.

SPD previously released two photos of the man, and if you’ve seen him or you think you’ve seen him, contact SPD Det. Michael Schramm at 830-379-2123.