TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Forget about spending hundreds of dollars on makeup and then throwing it away, you can use a few household items to fix makeup emergencies.

“When I first started learning about a lot of hacks. I was like, ‘I’ve had this around my house the whole time and I had no idea I could actually use it,” said Natalia Rosado.

Rosado is a professional makeup artist and says she talks with many of her clients about hacks that will help them when it comes to their makeup routine.

“If you are busy on the go, especially for moms it is important. Moms usually don’t have a lot of time so it is important to get things done really fast,” said Rosado.

Here are the hacks!Need a lip gloss? In a pinch grab Vaseline and any color eyeshadow,

“You can use Vaseline, you can use any kid of lip conditioner and kind of really loose product. Then you just need a pigment so a pink or a gold and you mix them together and you have a really nice lip gloss,” said Rosado.Clumpy Mascara? No problem!

“I use saline solution and put a few drops and pour it in there. Then I am going to shake it up and take my brush and wiggle it around and it brings it back to life,” said Rosado.Break a compact?  Don’t throw it away!

“What I do is take something metal and break it up a little bit. You want to pulverize it,” said Rosado.

Then you add a few drops of rubbing alcohol and you will notice the constancy changes and becomes smoother.

“I would use a paper towel, folder it and then press it really hard and that way it will form back into a solid and let it air dry,” explains Rosado.

Once it dries you will be able to use the compact again, good as new!If you want to reach Natalia Rosado you can visit her website

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