TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – If you thought doughnuts couldn’t get any sweeter, then you thought wrong! On Monday, Krispy Kreme unveiled a new twist on their delicious doughnuts, and the new take involves another sweet treat.

Krispy Kreme announced they’ve teamed up with cookie brands Chips Ahoy! and Oreo “to delight fans with an ultimate collection of cookie doughnuts.” The doughnut shop said the new treats feature an “explosion of flavors.”

Doughnut lovers can taste the all-new “Cookie Blast collection” flavors at Krispy Kreme stores across the country beginning April 17 for a limited time only.

The collection includes three all-new flavors and a fan-favorite filled doughnut:

  • Chips Ahoy! Cookie Blast: Krispy Kreme described this doughnut as a “crazy explosion of cookies!” The doughnut is filled with two Chips Ahoy! chewy cookies, Oreo cookies and cream filling. It’s then dipped in cookie dough icing and a blend of Oreos and Chips Ahoy! cookie pieces. Finally, the doughnut is decorated with an Oreo cookies and cream dollop, a mini Oreo cookie, and a mini Chips Ahoy! cookie.
  • Chips Ahoy! Cookie Dough Kreme: A doughnut filled with Chips Ahoy! cookies and cream filling dipped in chocolate icing and drizzled with cookie dough icing, and topped with Chips Ahoy! mini cookies.
  • Chips Ahoy! Candy Blast: An original glazed doughnut dipped in cookie dough icing and topped with Chips Ahoy! cookie pieces, milk chocolate candy gems, and semi-sweet chocolate chips.
  • Oreo Cookies & Kreme Filled: A doughnut filled with Oreo cookies and cream filling, dipped in chocolate icing, topped with Oreo cookie pieces, and drizzled in icing.

“Imagine your favorite doughnut with two Chips Ahoy! cookies inside it. We made that a reality. Our new Cookie Blast collection in partnership with Chips Ahoy! and Oreo will blow away cookie and doughnut lovers,” Dave Skena, Global Chief Brand Officer for Krispy Kreme said in a statement.

The new cookie-flavored doughnuts will be available to guests in-store and for pickup or delivery. Doughnut lovers can place an order on the Krispy Kreme app or online.

Krispy Kreme also shared that the new tasty doughnuts can be found in a 6-pack at select grocery stores. Visit here to find a shop or grocery store location near you.