TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Parents in Michigan said they are infuriated after a kindergartner managed to bring a Jose Cuervo margarita bottle to snack time and poured it for other children.

Fox 2 Detroit reported that multiple students at the Grand River Academy in Livonia, Michigan, drank the mixed tequila drink, which they thought was juice.

One parent said that her daughter drank four or five sips of the Jose Cuervo drink from a Dixie cup.

Another parent said her daughter told her teacher about the situation after learning what she was drinking.

“The girl poured it in her cup, and she drank it, and the girl ended up telling her what it is,” Dominique Zanders told Fox 2. “And she went and told the teacher there is liquor in this cup, and the teacher gave her a funny face.”

According to the parents, the little girl who brought the pre-mixed drink to school knew it was liquor when she gave it to her classmates.

The incident angered parents, who directed their frustration to the school and the child’s parents.

Grand River Academy responded by saying they called poison control to get advice on how to handle the situation and told parents that the children were physically healthy after drinking the alcohol.

“While we try to keep an eye on everything our students bring to school, that’s simply not possible,” the school said in a statement. “It’s unfortunate that these types of adult beverages can be easily mistaken for child-friendly drinks.” 

Fox 2 reported that the school planned to discipline the child for handing out the alcohol, although parents said it should be the child’s parents that should be punished.