TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Authorities in Kalamazoo, Michigan, came across an unusual sight Tuesday, prompting one officer to fulfill her long-time dream.

Body camera video released by Kalamazoo Public Safety showed several deputies holding a baby alligator at the end of a catch-pole. As one deputy approached, she sarcastically asked, “You used a catch-pole for that little thing?”

A male deputy replied, “That can take a finger!”

Undeterred, the female deputy asks if she can hold it. “I always wanted to hold a wild alligator!” she says, to which a male deputy replies, “It’s not wild.”

The deputy eventually grabbed the gator from behind while it was still attached to the catch-pole.

According to wire service Storyful, the department contacted an alligator sanctuary before turning the reptile over to animal control.

“These animals take a great deal of care, time, and resources. Should you find yourself not capable of caring for any pet, there are resources available to properly resolve this,” police told MLive.