(KTLA) — Mesmerizing footage of a ‘Fire Tornado’ was captured Wednesday as firefighters battled a fast-moving brush fire in hilly, open terrain in northwestern Los Angeles County.

The ‘Sam Fire’ had burned approximately 150 acres as of Wednesday evening and was 60% contained, according to the L.A. County Fire Department.

Nexstar’s KTLA captured a video of the ‘Fire Tornado’ that developed as crews worked to put out the brush fire.

Fire tornadoes, sometimes called “fire devils” or ‘firenadoes,” occur when extreme, rising heat is met with turbulent wind conditions. The vortex of the tornado sucks in combustible gases and burning debris. A fire tornado can reach up to 2,000 °F and become frequent when a wildfire creates its own wind.

In the video, flames streaked across the landscape as they were sucked into the vortex. After several minutes, a firefighting helicopter swooped in to drop water and extinguish the fire.

No structures were damaged and no one was injured in the fire.