NEW YORK, NY (WFLA) – The New York grand jury considering possible charges against former president Donald Trump is set to reconvene on Wednesday.

It’s possible Trump could be arrested this week, but there has been no official indication that’s the case.

New York City authorities are preparing for any reaction connected to the possible indictment. The proceedings have been drawing Trump supporters to protest outside the New York District Attorney’s Office.

The grand jury is looking into Trump’s possible connection to $130,000 in alleged ‘hush money’ paid to adult film start Stormy Daniels by his former attorney Michael Cohen. The exchange allegedly happened during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Jurors are expected to meet again and continue hearing evidence on Wednesday. Some believe the former president could be indicted during the day.

The grand jury panel is made up of 23 members. Only 12 have to agree that a crime likely occurred to indict Trump. Even if indicted, he can still be elected president in 2024.