TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Grab a Kleenex — Publix debuted another one of its annual wholesome Thanksgiving day commercials, and once again, it doesn’t disappoint.

The Lakeland-based grocery giant has become known for its touching holiday commercials featuring relatable family stories and subtle product placements.

This year’s ad, titled “A recipe for what matters,” features a mother and daughter duo, both busy prepping for their own Thanksgiving dinners when a video call unites the two.

(Credit: Publix)

“Hi, Honey!”

“Hey, mom.”

“How’s it going?”

“Did Nana’s stuffing have rosemary or thyme?” the daughter asks, taking her opportunity to catch up with her mother as she prepares her meal.

She calls back sometime later asking for more advice.

“Hello again. Is it 300 or 350?”

The mother responds, “350,” with a growing smile on her face.

In another call, the daughter says, “I’m just letting it cool for a few minutes. How’s everything going there?”

“It’s a little quiet, ya know, it’s just me and Dad. We miss you.”

When the daughter signals her guests arrived, the two part ways.

“Oh… I gotta go Mom.” Love you, bye.”

“Okay honey, bye.”

(Credit: Publix)

The mother’s face shows she’s simultaneously happy her daughter has grown independent, but sad her days as a child have come to an end.

“Hasn’t she made that stuffing like a million times before?” the father asks in a rhetorical fashion.

The mother raises her eyebrows and smiles. The couple holds hands.

(Credit: Publix)

The camera shows the daughter with her Nana’s recipe, smiling over the fact that a Thanksgiving recipe could reunite her with her mother after all — even if it wasn’t in person.

(Credit: Publix)

In a press release accompanying the ad, Publix said, “From the food that fills the table to the family that fills the seats around it, Thanksgiving is a time to savor what we love most. Because there’s always more to be thankful for.”