SUITLAND, Md. (WFLA/NBC News) — A funeral company owner has been charged with murder after he allegedly shot two people Tuesday during a 10-year-old’s burial at a cemetery in Maryland, according to a report.

Wilson Chavis, 48, allegedly killed Steven Banks, 30, of Washington, D.C., after he intervened in a dispute between Chavis and two people with another funeral company, according to NBC News. A woman was also injured in the shooting.

Banks was serving as a pallbearer, according to NBC Washington.

The funeral was for 10-year-old Adrianna Davis, who was shot and killed in Northeast D.C. on Mother’s Day while riding with her family, according to NBC Washington.

Chavis reportedly fired two shots after attendees at the funeral became upset with his behavior and confronted him about it.

Banks was a friend of the family, Davis’ mother told NBC Washington. Chavis reportedly yelled “I own this body!” and spit on the preacher.

Davis’ mother told NBC Washington the dispute between the two funeral companies had nothing to do with her family, and it caused her to miss her daughter’s casket being lowered into the ground.

Chavis faces a first-degree murder charge and several other related charges, according to NBC.