VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia (WCMH) — A former Navy SEAL out on a morning run in Virginia Beach this past week shimmied up a flag pole to fix a flag at the Navy SEAL monument.

In a video posted to his Facebook page, Dom Raso, with the help of a friend, attempted four times to climb the pole before finally reaching the flag and securing it to the pole.

“Literally had to visualize what I was doing wrong and what I had to do to correct my inefficiencies in order to improve for the next attempt,” Raso wrote in the post. “I couldn’t go by this flag this morning and not give it everything I had.”

Raso wrote that the monument and the flag represented all of the sacrifices he and his fellow veterans and current servicemembers made serving the country.

“If I fail…honor them by trying one more time and get better every time I do it,” he wrote.

In a follow-up video, Raso said doing the triangle choke on the flag pole helped him make the climb.

“As long as this country continues to have great men and women willing to step up to do what is right, we will always prevail,” he wrote.