NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WFLA) — At first glance, Ralphie seems like a catch.

With his smile, the young French bulldog seems like he might be what you’re looking for in a pet, but according to the Niagara SPCA, he’s anything but a sweetheart.

“He’s a whole jerk- not even half,” the shelter said back in January. “Everything belongs to him. If you dare test his ability to possess THE things, wrath will ensue. If you show a moment of weakness, prepare to be exploited. Sounds fun, huh?”

Ralphie went from home to home, having problems with owners over “disagreements” over who was in charge or having problems with another household dog.

He also has some problems with aggressive guarding behavior, but Niagara SPCA said there’s no evidence that he was abused. The “fire-breathing demon,” as the shelter lovingly calls him, is just a jerk because he wants to be.

After some training, things seemed to look well for Ralphie when he was adopted in early February, but this changed on Feb. 14 when Ralphie had to go back to the shelter just two weeks later.

“While the adopter had the right household dynamic, Ralphie proved to be more than she could handle,” the shelter said. “Kudos to her though for making the right decision. There were some bad choices made by both, but they parted ways amicably.”

With Ralphie having to go back to the drawing board, the shelter put the pooch back into a six-week training program Monday to tame his wild instincts.

The shelter warned any potential adopters to not assume Ralphie just needs love; he’ll just manipulate you. He also has a bite history so he’s not the safest for children and animals who don’t respect his boundaries.

The cost to board and train Ralphie is about $6,000 so the shelter asked for donations to help offset the cost. To learn more, click here.