(WFLA) — The father of a 7-year-old who was allegedly murdered by a FedEx driver in Texas has sued the suspect and his employers, according to a report.

NBC affiliate KXAS reported that Athena Strand’s father, Jacob Strand, filed a lawsuit Tuesday against her alleged killer, Tanner Horner; FedEx; and Horner’s employer Big Topspin, the contracting company that makes deliveries on behalf of FedEx.

An arrest warrant said Horner confessed to murdering Athena after he hit her with his delivery van while bringing a Christmas gift meant for her to the family’s home. Horner strangled the 7-year-old after she said she would tell her father about her being hit.

Jacob Strand’s lawsuit alleged that FedEx and Big Topspin were negligent and did not properly supervise their employee. It also referenced other incidents involving FedEx delivery drivers across the nation.

“FedEx has continued their normal business operations although it is clear that their current efforts, if any, to ensure, that they are not putting dangerous persons in a position of trust wearing FedEx uniforms, driving FedEx branded vehicles and sending them to the doorsteps of the homes of nearly every person in America is woefully inadequate to avoid endangering the public,” the lawsuit said.

Following Horner’s arrest, FedEx said it was cooperating with the authorities in their investigation and they were shocked by the crime.

In a new statement obtained by KXAS, FedEx said it was aware of the lawsuit but expressed its sympathy to the Strand family.