TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — New video has been released following the moments of the viral video of a woman getting off a flight because an unknown subject was not real.

The viral video shows the woman, Tiffany Gomas, walking toward the exit on the plane, saying “I am telling you right now, that mother—, that mother****** back there is not real.”

“I wanna know what happens to this flight right here,” she tells an American Airlines employee.

Airport security warn Gomas that she needs to leave or else she will be charged with criminal trespassing since she no longer has a valid flight ticket.

Gomas is seen talking to a woman on a video call as she hesitates to cooperate with airline employees and security.

“Do not let that flight leave. I’m being dead serious,” Gomas said. “That flight’s not gonna make it to Orlando. It’s not going to.”

As she’s leaving, she tells them that the flight will blow up.

The video went viral around early July as theories circulated around social media of what she could’ve possibly been referring to.

“She definitely saw something,” one Tik Tok user wrote.

Another user said, “I believe something happened. what I’m not sure. he might have been messing with her in some way or she seen something in him that’s was evil enough.”

The original video posted by @texaskansannn was taken down.