(WFLA) — Eliahna (Ellie) García was days away from celebrating her birthday when she was shot and killed in a mass shooting at Robb Elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. Her grieving family said she loved the Disney movie ‘Encanto,’ but they never could have imagined who their words of sorrow would reach and what would wind up at their door soon after.

Eliahna’s heartbreaking story undoubtedly moved many across the nation, including those in the Walt Disney Costume Team, according to a KENS5 report.

This undated handout photo provided by Siria Arizmendi shows her niece, Eliahna García, 10. García is among those killed in Tuesday, May 24, 2022, shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. (Siria Arizmendi via AP)

“We heard you all love Encanto too,” a letter from the Disney Costume Team said, addressing the family. “You may notice how important butterflies are in the movie. They represent magic, hope, and family among many other things.”

The letter was part of a gift box sent by the Disney team which also included a custom dress inspired by the one worn by the character Isabella in the film.

“We gave Ellie a butterfly and wanted all of her sisters to have one too,” the letter added. “Fly ‘till you find your way towards tomorrow.”

The García’s were taken back by the kind gesture and thanked the team for the one-of-a-kind gift.

“It’s so beautiful it’s BEYOND beautiful… we are beyond thankful for this beautiful dress,” a Facebook post from the family said. “My Ellie is the most beautiful princess out there mom and dad love you… Thank you Ann and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures!!!”

The Disney team also included a swatch of the fabric used to create Ellie’s dress. A separate card from the team said they hope the swatch “may bring some comfort to heal onto.”

“We want to thank the Disney costume team for giving this [dress] to Ellie,” the family said.