(NBC News Channel) — The Evansville Police Department in Indiana released a video showing the moment they found a truck belonging to two fugitives from Alabama, and another video of one being taken into custody.

The first video shows police approach the vehicle Casey White and Vicky White allegedly abandoned in a car wash stall.

The pair, who are not related, fled an Alabama jail more than a week ago. Casey White was a convicted felon. Vicky White worked at the jail.

Police said the vehicle was the first indication the fugitives were in their area. Several days later, they were spotted, and led police on a short chase that ended with a crash.

Casey White was apprehended. Vicky White suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Both Casey White and Vicky White were taken to the hospital, where Vicky White later died.

A new video shows the 6 feet 9 inches inmate being brought up to the car in handcuffs.

He was extradited from Indiana to Alabama and is expected to appear in front of a judge Tuesday evening.