NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KARK)– If you’re going to steal a camera, make sure it’s not recording. 

“When people steal things from us, it hurts,” Sr. Pastor, Dr. Brian Sheppard said. 

Leaving vacation bible school Monday night, Dr. Sheppard noticed one of his cameras missing.

“We have cameras all over our property, everything is covered, and they’re all wireless so they all are connected,” he said. 

So when the camera was taken down, it got a clear shot of the crook. 

“You wonder how somebody can steal, but especially steal from a church,” Dr. Sheppard said. 

This isn’t the only brush with crime Park View Baptist Church in North Little Rock has dealt with. Back in January, its awning was destroyed by a rental truck, and in early 2018 stray bullets appeared to hit the church. 

“It hurts that the respect of the Lord’s house was just not there,” Dr. Sheppard said. 

Recently no trespassing signs were posted and a replacement camera will be set up by the end of the day. 

Dr. Sheppard says the greatest help has come from the police department. 

“They are out here, boots on the ground everyday we see them on our cameras coming through the property multiple times during the night,” he said. 

While this crime happened within seconds, he hopes whoever is responsible will receive the long-term help they need. 

“If they needed the camera, if they pawned if for you know 30 bucks, maybe we could have helped them.”

And maybe the next time he sees the person’s face, it’s sitting in a pew. 

Dr. Sheppard says they are still secure since the camera coverage overlaps. Their evening Vacation Bible School is still going strong through Thursday. 

If you recognize the person or the car, be sure to call North Little Rock Police.