LAS VEGAS (WFLA) — A dust devil caused a whirlwind of chaos Friday as it appeared at a Las Vegas pool.

Video of the mini-twister showed it toss lounge chairs and other items in the air while guests at the Luxor Hotel and Casino began screaming.

‘That’s the craziest s— I’ve ever seen,” someone is heard saying on the video.

The debris knocked some of the guests down as they were caught in the middle of the dust devil.

The National Weather Service describes dust devils as a wind event when a strong surface heating causes a whirlfriend to form from the ground up. They usually occur at the joining of two different surfaces, which in the hotel’s case would’ve been the pool and the concrete ground around it.

Dust devils generally are weaker than tornadoes and happen under clear skies. Even so, more powerful dust devils can destroy small structures.