(WHTM) — Cowboys Linebacker Micah Parsons took matters into his own hands when he heard about the struggles people were facing at the gas pump.

The 23-year-old Defensive Rookie of the Year posted on Twitter to complain about the high gas prices and reminisce about his high school days driving teammates around.

“Gas is 5 dollars!” Parsons tweeted on Thursday. “Man I feel bad for kids in high school I used to charge my homies 5 dollars to take them home! Now the minimum for a ride home is at least a 20!”

The post went viral with over 6,000 retweets and almost 70,000 likes. Since then, one Twitter fan challenged Parsons that the problem is also affecting people who aren’t playing in the NFL.

So Parsons got to work, asking his followers to comment their usernames for a popular money-sharing app called CashApp.

“The people need gas!!” Parsons tweeted on Friday.

Minutes later, Parsons tweeted out screenshots sending dozens of fans $25 to help afford their gas purchases.