(WGHP) — Saturday night, people all across the state are going to be cheering for their favorite shade of blue as Duke and Carolina go head to head.

Lots of basketball fans are looking forward to the matchup, especially with Coach K set to retire. This is going to be a matchup for the ages, everyone pretty much agrees.

One performer is joining North Carolinians in dropping everything to watch the match Saturday, though he had some pretty big plans that night.

Country music superstar Eric Church is canceling a concert Saturday in San Antonio just to attend the big game.

Church was born in Caldwell County and, well, his blood runs Carolina blue for sure. The NYPost reports that he’s asking the “Church Choir” to forgive him for this last-minute change of plans.

He called the move “selfish” but asked for understanding as he celebrates his team with his family and the sports community.

No matter the outcome, this will be a matchup for the ages. For their part, some Church fans have started tweeting “Go Duke!” which is probably the harshest insult imaginable for the UNC diehard.