TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The sudden bankruptcy of Yellow, the century-old freight company, is leaving industry experts to speculate about the effect of the shutdown on the larger economy.

“It’s the largest trucking bankruptcy in the modern era.,” said Ken Adamo, Chief of Analytics for DAT Freight & Analytics. “Honestly, it’s just the beat of inflation. This is going to add more cost into the macro supply chain.”

With the closure comes a loss of 30,000 jobs from the trucking giant, which has been plagued by disagreements with the Teamsters Union for weeks, leading the company to cease operations over a week ago and eventually announce a bankruptcy filing Monday.

“I think our supply chain is running into some problems that it hasn’t seen before,” said Dr. Bill Fleming from St. Pete College. “Almost everybody is going to respond in a way that’s goin to increase prices for the consumer.”

Yellow was known for being a low-cost carrier, with its business now left to be picked up by other companies with different business models. That could drive consumer prices up to some degree as the model for shipping evolves with this change.

“It can’t be lost in all the analysis of this the toll on 30,000 individuals,” Adamo added. “This is a large human event, and I think we need to be mindful of that.”