(WFLA) — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it is looking into listeria infections linked to enoki mushrooms that have landed two people in the hospital.

The CDC released an investigation notice saying its investigation into the listeria cases found that they could be from the consumption of enoki mushrooms.

Both of the infected individuals said they ate the mushrooms or ate at restaurants serving dishes with the ingredients.

Enoki mushrooms are white with long thin stems, usually sold in a bunch sealed in plastic packaging. They are typically used in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean cuisine, particularly in hot pots, soups, and stir-fried meals.

In 2020, a CDC investigation looked into the first listeria outbreak in the U.S. linked to enoki mushrooms, resulting in over 20 recalls.

However, at this time in the current investigation, it does not appear that the firm previously associated with the 2020 outbreak is a potential source for the current listeria outbreak.

Investigators are working to determine the specific brands of enoki mushrooms linked to listeria.

At this time, the two confirmed cases are located in Nevada and Michigan, according to the CDC map.

The CDC advised that no one should serve or eat raw enoki mushrooms and that the mushrooms should be separated from food that will not be cooked. The mushrooms should not be used as a garnish or on top of soup dishes right before serving.

However, the advisory said cooking the mushrooms thoroughly should be enough to kill any foodborne bacteria, making them safe to consume. You should also wash your hands after handling the ingredients to keep the bacteria from spreading.

Listeria can cause severe and life-threatening in immunocompromised people, young children, and the elderly. Pregnant women may also suffer stillbirths or miscarriages from the infections.