NASHVILLE (WFLA) – A Texas businessman and three others — including an Israeli soldier and two Marines — are accused of an attempted murder-for-hire plot to kidnap and kill the businessman’s former mistress and her boyfriend, federal prosecutors said Monday.

The man, Eric Charles Maund, whose family runs Volkswagen and Toyota dealerships in and around Austin, Texas, is alleged to have hired the three men to kidnap and kill Holly Williams, 33, and William Lanway, 36, in March 2020, police and prosecutors said.

According to the indictment, Maund sometimes traveled to Nashville to visit a relative and in early February 2020, he emailed Williams, with whom he had had a prior relationship, for the purpose of seeing her during his upcoming visit to Nashville in February.

After his visit to Nashville in March, Maund received a series of text messages from Lanway who had a personal romantic relationship with Williams.

Lanway had threatened to expose Maund’s “relationship” with Williams, the indictment says.

Maund then enlisted the services of Gilad Peled, 47, of Austin, “who held himself out to be a former member of the Israeli Defense Force,” prosecutors said.

He also hired Bryon Brockway, 46, of Austin, a former active-duty United States Marine who previously served in Force Recon, a Special Operations Capable unit, and Adam Carey, 30, of Richlands, North Carolina, a former active duty United States Marine who had previously served in the Marine Corps’ Special Operations Group.

The four plotted to confront the couple at a Nashville apartment complex, shoot them in their heads and dump their bodies at a construction site elsewhere in the city, prosecutors said.

Sometime after the murders, Maund transferred nearly $750,000 to Peled, who paid the others for the kidnapping and murder of the couple, prosecutors allege.

Maund began wiring the money from his bank account to an account controlled by Peled, prosecutors said. Williams’ and Lanway’s bodies were discovered on April 10, 2020.

Maund was arrested in Austin during a traffic stop. The other men were arrested by FBI agents and the Metro Nashville Police in various locations across the country. All will make initial appearances before US magistrate judges in the districts where they were arrested and will be returned to Tennessee at a later date for further proceedings, according to the Justice Department.