RANCHO CORDOVA, Cali. (WFLA) — A California gas station manager was reportedly fired after he accidentally set a gas price at 69 cents Thursday.

According to CBS Sacramento, John Szczecina was setting prices for a Rancho Cordova Shell station and meant to set it at $6.99, but put the decimal point in the wrong spot.

The price stayed at 69 cents for three hours, according to KOVR.

The mistake ended up costing the gas station $16,000 and Szczecina his job, according to CBS13.

KOVR reported the word spread quickly on social and long lines started to form to get the mistakenly discounted gas.

One driver reportedly filled up their entire tank for $14.

Szczecina told CBS Sacramento he took full responsibility for the mistake. His family has now set up a GoFundMe to try to help the gas station make up for the lost the revenue.