TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was sworn in as president of Brazil Sunday, but exiting leader Jair Bolsonaro was not at his inauguration. Instead, reports place Bosonaro in Florida, while Lula officially ascended to the presidency.

To ring in the new year, Bolsonaro reportedly headed to Orlando, the New York Times and Associated Press reported. NBC News also reported the former president of Brazil was in the Sunshine State, having flown in on Friday.

In a Dec. 29, 2022 edition of the Brazil official gazette, Bolsonaro was said to be heading to Florida along with several other officials, according to the AP. He is expected to be in Miami throughout the month of January.

Lula, as da Silva is known, was sworn in for his third term as president on New Year’s Day. Fox News reported that as Lula was inaugurated, his predecessor was renting an Orlando area home of a mixed martial arts fighter “a few miles from Disney World,” rather than passing on the sash of president to Lula, the country’s tradition.

Instead, the Brazil official gazette had reported the vice president, Antônio Hamilton Martins Mourão, was the acting president before Lula officially took office.

“Our message to Brazil is one of hope and reconstruction,” Lula said in a speech in Congress’ Lower House after signing the document that formally instates him as president, according to coverage by the AP. “The great edifice of rights, sovereignty and development that this nation built has been systematically demolished in recent years. To re-erect this edifice, we are going to direct all our efforts.”

The NYT reported Lula was given the presidential sash by a 33-year-old garbage collector, saying he would take the ceremonial garment “from the Brazilian people.”

In a statement before his flight to Florida, Bolsonaro said that while he had worked to find a legal solution to his election loss, Lula would be president.

“Within the laws, respecting the Constitution, I searched for a way out of this,” Bolsonaro said, according to NYT. “We live in a democracy or we don’t,” he said. “No one wants an adventure.”