TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Police say an alarming incident involving a woman in New Jersey was a big misunderstanding, NEWS 12 reported.

On Wednesday evening, the South Brunswick Police Department said it was looking for a woman seen in distress in the back of a tractor-trailer parked on the side of Route 130.

According to police, employees at an area truck store reported seeing the woman screaming for help and bleeding from her head. They said she tried to leave the cab, but a man pulled her back into the truck and drove away.

Police released surveillance images of the tractor-trailer on social media and got a number of tips from the public.

After more than day of searching, they found the woman, man and the truck in question at their home in Woodbridge.

“It was an exhaustive 26 hours, but we were able to locate the woman and make sure she was safe,” Chief Raymond Hayducka said.

The two were brought back to the police headquarters to be interviewed by detectives. Police learned they were married, and the woman was not abducted.

The woman told police she was standing inside the truck and fell and hit her head. In a panic, her husband pulled his wife back into the truck and rushed to Rite Aid for bandages. The couple had stopped by the truck business to buy a battery. They were unaware they were being sought, police said, according to NEWS 12.

Police said the woman suffered some injuries, but was expected to be okay.