LEXINGTON, Kent. (WFLA) — A Kentucky man found out he was a millionaire after checking a stack of lottery tickets he hadn’t looked at for a few months.

The Kentucky Lottery said the man, who was not named, had played the same numbers for years, which was a combination of his relatives’ birthdays.

However, he wasn’t the type to check them every time numbers were drawn, which led to him collecting about 40 tickets dating back to June.

“I had gone through about 40 tickets and got to the last five to see if I had any winners,” the man said. “I was looking at the numbers on my phone when suddenly I saw the numbers I had always been playing. I kept looking at the ticket and looking at the date, making sure it was correct.”

Turns out, a ticket he bought on Aug. 31 had the winning numbers.

“I leaned back on my couch, and then started yelling for my family to come check it out,” he said. “They took the ticket, checked Google to see how much you win for matching the five white ball winning numbers and not the Powerball, and told me we had just won a million dollars. I kept asking myself – am I dreaming?”

Tuesday afternoon, the man went to the lottery headquarters and got his prize as a sum of $710,000, after taxes.

The winner said he’ll consider using the money to buy his family a new home.