TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — In his bankruptcy filing, following his losses in lawsuits over Sandy Hook conspiracy claims, InfoWars host Alex Jones’ court records say he’s “holding firearms for certain January 6th participants.”

While the court record, filed in Texas, lists the firearms’ storage status, it does not yet show either which defendants Jones is holding the firearms for, or the amount of them.

The inclusion comes in answer to a question required in the file, “Do you hold or control any property that someone else owns?”

The file, submitted in federal court on Feb. 14 by Jones and his attorney, does not state where the firearms are being stored, nor who exactly has access to them. The property’s assessed value is also not included.

In addition to a variety of residential property, vehicles, and maritime equipment, including multiple boats, owned by Jones, the bankruptcy filings state that he also owns a non-transferable “lifetime access to helicopter service,” though the actual value of the property is listed as $0.

Jones’ monthly income, according to the filing, is a reported $129,922. He pays a reported $96,645 every month as expenses, leaving him with a reported monthly net income of $33,277.

The InfoWars host was ordered in Connecticut host to pay Sandy Hook victims’ families a total of roughly $1.44 billion in November, following the inclusion of $473 million for promoting false conspiracy theories, according to reporting by the Associated Press.

Before the $473 million, Jones was ordered to pay $965 million for defamation, infliction of emotional distress, and violating the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act. Jones filed for bankruptcy protection in April 2022.