TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — If you are a fan of Aldi, you might have some of its “most popular” products in your fridge or pantry.

The Germany-based grocery store released its annual “fan favorites” survey Tuesday, which revealed 13 of its top products.

Aldi said two of its top products, Friendly Farms Cottage Cheese and Low Sugar Greek yogurt, were part of viral Tiktok trends that swept #FoodTok. During the “protein powerhouse’s” viral run, Aldi said its cottage cheese sales spiked more than 14%.

“Our loyal shoppers are always vocal about their love for ALDI products and over 70,000 of them sang praises in this year’s Fan Favorites survey,” said Scott Patton, Vice President of National B Buying. “Their feedback is invaluable, which is why we were excited to introduce new survey categories inspired by our fans’ interests, including ‘TikTok Made Me Buy It’ among others.”

Here are this year’s fan favorites from Aldi:

Friendly Farms Cottage Cheese

Aldi’s cottage cheese won the category for TikTok Made Me Buy It. Aldi said the product is a “surprisingly versatile and healthy option for a snack or meal.”

Photo from Aldi.

Friendly Farms Low Sugar Greek Yogurt

This Greek yogurt won Aldi’s “Rookie of the Year” category. Two options are available in this Greek yogurt. Customers can choose between plain and vanilla flavors.

Photo from Aldi.

Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Take and Bake Deli Pizza

Mama Cozzi’s pizzas topped the category for “Ready When You Are.” Customers have five pizza options to choose from: pepperoni, five cheese, supreme, thin crust mega meat and sausage and pepperoni.

Photo from Aldi.

Happy Farms String Cheese

The “Snacks For Everyone” category was won by Aldi’s Happy Farms String Cheese. “Whether you’re on the go or have a snack craving before dinner, Happy Farms String Cheese is the perfect go-to choice,” Aldi said.

Happy Farms String Cheese was Aldi’s highest vote item in the entire survey.

Photo from Aldi.


The “Cream of the Crop” award goes to Aldi’s avocados. “Whether you want to make a bowl of homemade, fresh guacamole or spread smashed avocado over whole grain toast, our avocados make the perfect snack,” the grocery store said.

Photo from Aldi.

Simply Nature Avocado Oil

Aldi’s avocado oil won its “On The Lighter Side” category. Aldi said avocados made a major comeback this year as a double winner.

Photo from Aldi.

Kirkwood Fresh Chicken

Aldi’s “Protein Pick” is its Kirkwood Fresh Chicken. “They can be grilled, baked, or used in slow cooker recipes and retain their moisture and flavor extremely well. Serve with a light crispy skin or remove for a healthier option!” Aldi said.

Photo from Aldi.

Clancy’s Kettle Chips

Clancy’s Kettle Chips won Aldi’s “What A Deal” category. Shoppers can purchase the chips in original or jalapeno flavors.

Photo from Aldi.

Fresh Atlantic Salmon with Mediterranean Herb

The “Great Catch” category goes to Aldi’s Fresh Atlantic Salmon with Mediterranean Herb.

Photo from Aldi.

Belletti Sparkling Moscato Rose

For shoppers who want to “Raise A Glass,” Aldi’s pick is its Belletti Sparking Moscato Rose.

Photo from Aldi.

Emporium Selection Fresh Mozzarella

Aldi’s Emporium Selection Fresh Mozzarella won its category called “Choose Your Cheese.” “Enjoy this pre-sliced mozzarella cheese on its own, on top of a fresh salad, or paired with crackers, fruit, and wine for a gorgeous charcuterie board,” Aldi said.

Photo from Aldi.

Specially Selected Ice Cream

Aldi’s “Sweet Tooth Satisfaction” winner is its Specially Selected Ice Cream.

Photo from Aldi.

Specially Selected Vinaigrette Dressings

Finally, Aldi’s winner for its “Sauce on the Side” category is its Specially Selected Vinaigrette Dressings.

Overall, Aldi said dairy products were this year’s dark horse, taking the top spot in five of 13 categories.