HELENA, Ala. (NBC) – Police in Alabama are investigating a FedEx driver for stealing a dog.

The owner, who asked to conceal her identity, said the driver claims he took the dog so she wouldn’t get hit by a car.

Harley wasn’t just a family pet, it was a service animal for the owner’s son, who has autism.

“This dog creates an emotional support system for my child and you took that from him,” the owner said.

After letting Harley out on Saturday, the family couldn’t find him and turned to social media for help. That’s when the owner learned from neighbors that they saw the FedEx driver get the dog into the truck.

“I was shocked, like, who puts a dog in a FedEx vehicle and still makes deliveries?” the owner said.

Two days after the owner emailed the CEO of FedEx, a staff member returned Harley from Tennessee.

Police say the driver could face felony charges because of the cost of the animal.

It’s the latest controversy FedEx is facing in the state.

In the past several weeks, police have launched investigations about hundreds of FedEx packages found dumped in a wooded area and in a ravine.

FedEx released the following statement to sister station WVTM last week after the most recent discovery of dumped packages:

“We are appalled to learn of this incident and can confirm that efforts are immediately underway to retrieve and deliver the packages to their intended recipients. We will continue to cooperate fully with law enforcement during their investigation, including any criminal prosecution of, or civil action against, the individuals responsible. Customers with questions or concerns about their shipments are encouraged to visit fedex.com for updates.”

Law enforcement officials said a FedEx driver dumped packages in the Alabama ravine on multiple occasions.

“Investigators have determined that the driver dumped at least six times making FedEx a victim of six different Theft of Property cases,” Blount County Sheriff Mark Moon said on social media. “As of right now we are looking at around 450 individual victims, some in Blount County some not, that investigators are attempting to work their cases.”